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are a British pop group, first active in the 1960s. Following The Beatles in 1964 as part of "The British Invasion" of the USA, they were the second UK group to score an American #1 hit. The Zombies were uniquely different, with a subtler style, often jazzier and more inventive chord structures, the prominent keyboards of Rod Argent, and the distinctive voice of Colin Blunstone. She's Not There and Tell Her No were quick hits, but despite continually stunning musical output that has influenced other artists ever since, another hit record was more than four years away, after they'd broken up! See the Biography page for their amazing story. Only in recent years has the richness of The Zombies' entire catalog been discovered by a whole new generation of fans.

Photo, left to right: Hugh Grundy (drums), Colin Blunstone (lead vocals), Chris White (bass), Rod Argent (keyboards), Paul Atkinson (guitar).


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