Zombies Personally Handwritten Autographed Song Lyrics
by Chris White and Colin Blunstone For Sale

In conjunction with Colin Blunstone and Chris White of The Zombies, a limited, truly rare and unique numbered edition series of personally handwritten and autographed lyric sheets by Colin Blunstone and Chris White of all of their individual Zombies/Argent/solo compositions such as "Hold Your Head Up", "I Love You", "Butcher's Tale", "Just Out of Reach", "Caroline Goodbye", "Beechwood Park", "Friends of Mine", "Brief Candles", "Leave Me Be", "You Make Me Feel Good", "I Must Move", "Changes", "This Will Be Our Year", "I'll Call You Mine", etc., are individually available on request. These are numbered on display paper and look wonderful when framed. Chris or Colin will even write an inscription to you, if requested. Each handwritten lyric sheet is $100 for each song ordered that you request plus $10 handling. Please note, these handwritten lyrics were personally written by Chris or Colin in 1998, not the sixties, in a numbered series up to 100 for each song. Also note that frames are not included. Send checks or money orders payable to: Mike Ober, 1600 South Eads Street, Suite # 1031 South, Arlington VA, 22202 U.S.A. When ordering, please refer to seeing the offer on the Zombies Fan Page.

For questions, EMAIL Mike at yardbirds1@aol.com YARDBIRDS1@aol.com