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(1988)(Castle Communications "The Collector Series" CD #CCSCD196)
Available from Castle Communications, Unit 7, Merton Road Industrial Estate,
271 Merton Road, London SW18 5JS, UK

24 tracks; 62 minutes

Going Out of My Head, Leave Me Be, Gotta Get a Hold of Myself,
Kind of Girl, Sticks and Stones, I Can't Make Up My Mind,
Summertime, Woman, I Got My Mojo Working, Road Runner,
You Really Got a Hold on Me, Nothing's Changed, You Make Me Feel
Good, She's Not There, Don't Go Away, How We Were Before,
Tell Her No, Whenever You're Ready, Just Out of Reach,
Remember You, Indication, She Does Everything for Me,
Time of the Season, I Love You

Liner notes by John Tobler, Music Week

The Zombies, a five piece group from St. Albans in Hertfordshire, were notable for the fact that their two greatest successes came with their first and last releases. "She's Not There" in 1964 reached number 2 in the US, at a time when the American chart was crammed with British acts, led, of course, by The Beatles. The single, written by the group's keyboard player, Rod Argent, obviously didn't possess quite the same appeal in Britain, although it reached the Top 20. In 1969, after a career of ups and downs, the group decided to split up, but released a final album titled "Odyssey And Oracle," which included another Rod Argent song, "Time of the Season," which reached the Top 3 in America, but has never made the singles chart in Britain, although it is an extremely familiar song. Apart from Argent, the Zombies included vocalist Colin Blunstone, Paul Atkinson on lead guitar, Chris White on bass and Hugh Grundy on drums. During its lifetime, the group also scored another US Top 10 hit, with another Argent composition, "Tell Her No," in 1965, but surprisingly, only released two LPs during their five year existence. Being on the same label as the Rolling Stones, the Moody Blues and numerous other hot names from the British R& scene of the mid-1960s may have had a lot to do with it -- this compilation includes such familiar R& standards as "Sticks & Stones" (by Ray Charles), "You Really Got a Hold on Me" (by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, but also covered by the Beatles on their second LP), "Road Runner" (by Bo Diddley, but also part of the repertoire of every self-respecting British R& group) and "I've Got My Mojo Working," the Muddy Waters composition which, once again, every R& group played. Sadly, the group's own songs were often ignored, but after the group folded, Blunstone achieved chart success as a soloist, while Rod Argent has also enjoyed subsequent fame. This, however, was the way they were, and it still sounds just fine.