Other Key Zombies Sites:
  • Vote for your all-time favorite Zombies tunes (up to ten of them) in this poll I've created. (See poll results without voting.)
  • Visit the Zombie Heaven discussion group to read or get involved in direct discussion of The Zombies. You'll find lively reviews of the recent Blunstone/Argent (now The Zombies again) shows, photos, and much more. The back postings are loaded with great insider trivia from folks such as Greg Russo, author of the Zombies biography, Time of the Season, available from Crossfire Publications.
  • The original ZombieHeaven Yahoo Group is the Zombies discussion group/mailing list, founded June 2, 1998. It was overrun by spammers and virtually abandoned in favor of the new Zombie_Heaven. Its message archive was transferred entirely to the new group through the tireless efforts of moderator Mike Griffiths.
  • Rod Argent's WWW site contains a history, reviews of his recordings. Rod's new album, Classically Speaking, is available for order through the site.
  • Colin Blunstone's WWW site contains photos, a bit of background info, and tour dates.
  • Argent fan site.
  • Hung Up On A Dream is another Zombies fan site.