Then Play On
A 34-page, 1993 interview with Zombies bassist Chris White is featured in the 240-page, softbound book Then Play On by music producer Mike Ober. The book also features rare photos and long, individual interviews with The Searchers' John McNally, The Yardbirds' Jim McCarty, Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher, Downliners Sect's Don Craine, and Creation's Eddie Phillips, and covers the period 1963-93.

A 3-hour video of the Chris White interview is also available on a single tape.

The book is $25 postpaid ($30 overseas)
The video is $30 postpaid ($35 overseas)

Both are available directly from:
Mike Ober, 1600 South Eads Street, Suite 1031 South, Arlington VA, 22202
E-mail for inquiries: Mike Ober